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Colorful Indoor Playground

Class Descriptions


$20 per 30-minute class

$25 per 45-minute class

Tiny Tots

(18 months- 2yrs); a 30-minute gymnastics class that focuses on building gross motor skills. In the class we will jump, sing, and play as we work through the fundamental foundations of movement. We will practice using our listening ears and watching eyes as we learn how to roll, tumble, balance and coordinate ourselves on simple, yet fun gymnastics equipment.


(3 - 4 yrs); a 45- minute gymnastics class that further develops gross motor skills and fine tunes our understanding of movement. In this class we will learn about our bodies as we stretch, jump and balance. This class will introduce hand balancing as well as focus on building the skills that will help us roll and cartwheel.

Beginning Gymnastics

(5-11yrs); a 45-minute gymnastics class that will work on the foundations of gymnastics techniques. In this class children will work on building strength to properly move into and out of gymnastics poses. We will further develop basics gymnastics skills using the balance beam, bar, and other fun gymnastics equipment.

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